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Drink Red Wine To Strengthen Bones

red wineWhen the health of bones comes to mind, we know that milk helps to maintain calcium levels, while also building stronger bones. But now it has been found that red wine has a place in bone health as well.

Yet again, further positive evidence has been found concerning the health issues of red wine. We know that there are numerous benefits of drinking this popular beverage, so long as it is consumed in moderation.

Over-indulgence of any alcoholic drink is not recommended, but too much red wine may not only give you a thumping headache or even migraine, but it's bad for your overall health. Like so many things in life, 'a little of something is very good for you - too much of it is very bad'.

A study recently carried out in Australia and published by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, has found that red wine helps to improve the health of bones in men in the 50-80 year old range. Links were found by the researchers between improved bone mineral density (BMD) and the consumption of red wine within this male age group.

BMD relates to the concentration of minerals, such as calcium in bones and is a measure of bone strength. As BMD reduces, the risk for developing osteoporosis increases.

Results of the Surgeon General's last complete study into bone health matters, showed that 44 million Americans are currently suffering from osteoporosis. Concern is that by the year 2020 half of all Americans over the age of 50 will have weak bones.

Excessive drinking has long been connected with an increase in bone fractures due to osteoporosis and severe falls. However, the study on moderate drinking had mixed results. This research considered all the benefits and detriments of red wine, beer and spirits on both women and men (around 900 individuals), and was conducted over two years.

The participants had their BMD measured by x-ray at the start of the period and again two years later. They also completed questionnaires about their drinking habits as well as the types of alcohol they consumed. The research team concluded that when it came to red wine consumption in men, there was enough evidence to show that this may help prevent bone loss, but no influence at all was found on women. Instead, the results suggested that women might get the same benefits from consuming low-alcohol beer.

The study's senior author, Graeme Jones, at the Menzies Research Institute in Australia, said, "these somewhat contrasting results suggest it is not the alcohol per se but other factors in the beverages."

As shown in several recent studies on skeletal research, there is evidence that phytochemicals, i.e. the polyphenols that are found in grape skins, contribute to healthy bones. Red wine has many health benefits, so keep up with the odd tipple, but don't go overboard!

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By Rob Hemphill