Wine Accessories


Corkscrews & Bottle Openers

When it comes to opening a bottle of wine, one simply wants to remove the cork cleanly without having it break apart. Some of this, of course, is down to the quality of the cork or whether it is even made of cork at all - these modern synthetic, plastic corks are impossible to replace into the bottle should you be unable to finish the wine in one sitting.

I have used so many different types of bottle opening devices, some are awkward and unwieldy while others are amazing! One of the best makers for all round quality and performance come from Screwpull - see all their variety of wine tools at Le Creuset.

Why are Screwpull corkscrews so reliable?

A lot of thought has gone into designing all their corkscrew models, especially the worm screw of the units which glides into the cork with ease, then grips firmly on retraction. Like all well designed products, keeping it simple is the key. The three models covered here are all classics, and anyone buying either of them would be more than happy - in fact when I first bought the Lever model, I often had numerous bottles to open for tastings or functions - and everyone would vie for this, the Rolls Royce model of the corkscrew world!


  1. Screwpull S1015-31 Table Corkscrew, Blackscrewpull table corkscrew

    The table corkscrew effortlessly prepares wine bottles for serving with a 2¹/2 inch corkscrew which employs excellent leverage to remove even stubborn corks with ease.

    Classic self-pulling mechanism with a heavyweight die-cast metal handle offering a secure grip in an attractive black finish. It can be engraved for personalized gift-giving and measures approximately 5" x 10" x 1". 5-year limited warranty.

    "This is the hands-down, best wine cork remover in the world. Inexpensive, small and lightweight, it never fails to pull out a cork, even ones that have dried up and stuck in the bottle's necks. It lasts and lasts. I've had one since the 1970s and I've pulled a lot of corks with it over its lifetime."


  2. Screwpull S1115-31 Pocket Corkscrew, Blackscrewpull pocket model

    The pocket corkscrew is fairly similar to the table model with one difference, it has a detachable handle which fits onto the top end of the screw. With a continual clockwise rotational movement the worm enters the cork and gently pulls it up - all in one operation. Once again stubborn corks are extracted with ease. Measurements are similar to the one above, and it has the same warranty period. A versatile corkscrew perfect for any enthusiast.

    "I received this corkscrew in green about 15 years ago, and it has not given us one bit of trouble in all that time. It is the most amazing device -- flawlessly designed and excellent at extracting corks. It's lightweight (won't chip a counter or tile floor if it falls) and streamlined to take up very little space in a kitchen drawer. I couldn't bear the thought of opening wine without it. Buy this corkscrew -- its a wonderful gadget."


  3. Screwpull Lever Model Classic Lever Gift Set
    screwpull lever model

    • Includes Screwpull lever model wine opener, foil cutter, and wooden gift box
    • Screw opens 2,000 bottles before needing to be changed
    • Teflon-coated corkscrew removes even toughest corks
    • Ergonomic handles and molded rubber cushion ensure secure grip
    • 10-year warranty; dishwasher-safe

    "If you are planning to open lots of bottles then this Lever corkscrew is for you. It is quite amazing the way the teflon screw is inserted into the cork on the downward stroke of the arm, then by squeezing the lever handles together and immediately raising the arm, the cork is beautifully extracted. THE BEST CORKSCREW I have ever had."


Wine Preservers, Aerators & Coolers

vacu vin

Vacu Vin 0981450 Wine Saver Vacuum Wine Pump with 2 Stoppers

Wine pump for preserving the flavor of opened wine for up to 10 days. It has an audible click which indicates an optimal vacuum seal. An ergonomically designed handle ensures comfortable, slip-free use. Included are 2 airtight stoppers; works with both red and white wines. Measures approximately 24/5 x 1²/5 x 5 inches.

"This device is perfect for anyone who finds that they don't consume an entire bottle of wine at one sitting and would like to preserve the wine for as long as possible without it ruining. Wine can be an expensive luxury and there is nothing worse than having it turn to vinegar due to improper storage. This device is amazingly simple to use and works perfectly."


vacuum sealerThe Sharper Image Wsi-vs100 Automatic Wine Vacuum Sealer, Black

Effortlessly keeps unfinished bottles fresher, longer to preserve the original taste, aroma and color of your favorite wines. Automatically pumps air out and regulates the optimal pressure for days. Easy to read lcd screen displays the sealing status, while the wine temperature can be in Fahrenheit or Celsius, and a day counter to keep you on the perfect path to freshness. Attractive, compact design with no slip, no scratch soft touch grip.

"Easy to use, has been working a treat, sure beats using the manual version, no problems at all apart from a "not another gadget" shake of the head and sigh from the wife."


wine aerator Metrokane Rabbit Wine Aerating Pourer

Sturdy plastic pourer with a transparent aerator. The aerating pourer inserts easily into bottleneck; no decanter needed. Wine swirls through aerator before it reaches the glass, improving flavor and bouquet. There is no need to wait for the wine to breathe. It separates for easy cleaning - only hand washing; storage case included. Measures 2.5 by 2.2 by 7.6 inches

"In these days of over-hyped products that rarely work as advertised, it's a treat to find something that actually does what it's supposed to do. Metrokane's Rabbit Wine Aerating Pourer is one that does, based on our family's experience. We've found it greatly improves the taste and drinkability of freshly opened red wines without having to decant them from the bottle, while at the same time being functional and easy to use. As an added bonus, clean up is a snap!
Highly recommended!"


NewAir bottle coolerNewAir AW-181E 18 Bottle Wine Cooler With Digital Temperature Readout

Thermoelectric technology means there are very few moving parts so vibration is significantly decreased. This unit uses no ozone depleting chemicals such as HCFCs or CFCs. The heavy duty glass door offers better insulation and improved UV protection. It includes 5 chrome plated wine racks for individual bottle storage, while the digital temperature display allows for accurate temperature control.

"Gorgeous little fridge I ended up with the one with black sides, and not all aluminum color which for me was a plus. It is super quiet and really only needs an inch of space to vent. Door construction is really quite solid with a great seal that makes contact all around the door. Chrome trays that slide out is a great little aesthetic with a nice flat bar that stops the bottles from sliding to the floor when the tray is angled. And the best part is there is minimal heat given off from the cooling unit."



There are so many wine related accessories, so if you haven't found what you want here, just go to the Store where there are loads of special wine and winemaking categories to search from.


Find Some Useful Wine Making Items Here...
Automatic Temperature Compensating Refractometer

A hand-held refractometer is ideal for quick testing and it's portable so you can take it out to the grapevines to do several tests!

Alcoholmeter / Hydrometer / Glass Test Cylinder

This hydrometer comes also with an alcometer and 13" glass testing cylinder. More accurate than a refractometer so the results from this would be used for all your calculations, i.e. how much sugar might be required to get the potential alcohol to the desired level.

See Hydrometer Conversion Chart
See How To Use A Hydrometer

Paklab Glass Carboy 23 Liter, 1.9-Pound Box

"If you're looking for a great quality product, there isn't a better deal on a 6 gallon/23 litre glass carboy out there"

3 Piece Plastic Airlock (Sold in sets of 3)

Plastic airlock with a snap-on vented cover. This airlock is easily cleaned and easy to use. Fill the airlock halfway up with your sanitizer and stick in the drilled rubber stopper (listed below).

This style of airlock is far superior to the "S" shape airlocks as it's pretty much impossible for contaminated or "outside" air or fluid to make it past this airlock and into your fermenter.

Drilled Rubber Stopper (Carboy Bung Sets of 3)

These specialized stoppers work equally well whether you are using 3-gallon glass jugs, or plastic gallon jugs from the grocery store. They fit either application perfectly. They are conveniently sold in sets of 3 just like the airlocks.

Auto-Siphon - 3/8 inch

Starts a siphon easily and quickly. Will connect to 5/16 or 3/8 ID tubing.

"I love this auto-siphon! It works amazingly well and it is so easy to use. It is probably the best investment I have made to date in regard to my brewing equipment."

Wine/Beer Thief

Designed to easily take samples from carboys. Hydrometer floats inside for taking gravity readings. Touch the tip to drain. 19 inch length.

"Great value for money, and is all I need for quick sampling."

Vinyl Tubing - 10 feet 5/16 ID - 7/16 OD (Food Grade)

This food grade, vinyl tubing is 5/16" inside diameter and 7/16" outside diameter and fits tight around the racking cane, siphon pump, bottling cane and bottle spigot.

JPTECH VS1 Semy-Synthetic Corks # 8 Short, 100-Count Bag

Corks can be supplied in different lengths to suit many sizes of bottles.