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The California Wine Club

California Wine ClubAs a wine drinker who likes to discover unique and handcrafted wines, I reckon I’ve found the best wine of the month club, which offer lots of different wine selections.

You may think that you’ll get the best deals at your local supermarket or wine store, and you could be partially right, but those small batch productions from the less well known vineyards in the U.S. and around the world can frequently be found in wine clubs.

Why is this?

Well, the reason wine clubs have blossomed is because they offer a wide selection of individually sourced wines for different budgets. They obviously are not able to compete with the ‘big boys’, so they’ve had to be clever and go out to the vineyards’ and taste the wines in order to be able to find those with extra character. The other plus from the club viewpoint is that wholesalers are only interested in procuring large orders that have continuity, so that rules out many fabulous, small production vintages.

Usually, most wine clubs will offer several gift selections to suit different requirements either on a monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis. This is such a good way to get started and learn about wine. The club will select the wines and ship them directly to your door – you do nothing!

One excellent club I’ve recently come across has a plethora of unique offers in its portfolio, and more to the point has thousands of regular, very satisfied customers. I like the way the California Wine Club operates and especially the way the proprietors go out to many of the vineyards to hunt down these gems.

Where are they based?

They are in California’s wine country where they admit to searching local wineries and meeting the families and tasting those wines that never make it onto the shelves of the local stores and wine shops.

The California Wine Club | See more of their offers here.


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